"Sādhāna is a discipline undertaken in the pursuit of a goal. Abhyāsa is repeated practice performed with observation and reflection. Kriyā, or action, also implies perfect execution with study and investigation. Therefore, sādhāna, abhyāsa, and kriyā all mean one and the same thing. A sādhaka, or practitioner, is one who skillfully applies. . .mind and intelligence in practice towards a spiritual goal." (Iyengar, 1993, p. 22)

Sādhāna is a yoga studio based in Louisville, KY. With emphasis on vinyasa, arm balances, inversions, breathing techniques and meditation, Sādhāna Yoga Louisville promotes both physical and mental well-being through yoga asana. Here we believe that yoga asana is simply a dance with the body to quiet the mind.



Nerissa Sparkman, Founder, Skanda Yoga Instructor

Amberly Fox, Yin/Yang Vinyasa Instructor

Lee Schardein, Vinyasa Instructor

Monica Hanofee, Vinyasa/Yoga Tune UP® Instructor