Meet Your Teacher: Erin Clark

Erin Clark may be one of the newest instructors at Sadhana Yoga – she just started teaching this year – but her classes have double the number of students. How so, you ask? Well, Erin teaches a postnatal yoga class called Baby and Me, and new moms do, in fact, bring their baby to class—effectively doubling the headcount! And as you might imagine, Erin’s classes also include a high volume of giggles, cuddles, and precious bonding moments.

Erin first started practicing yoga in an effort to relieve aches and pains, and to help with the stress she felt as she struggled to conceive. Yoga helped her deal with those original challenges and gave back even more. Yoga has become a touchpoint in her life—something she’s learned to turn to when she needs to find her center.  

Feeling overwhelmed and off-center are common emotions for new moms, and Erin enjoys teaching the classes that address this remarkable time in a woman’s life head-on. Erin’s caring, easygoing style is a comfort to her moms, but she is also persistent, and that guarantees her students a true yoga class.   

Erin completed her training with Laura Spalding at Yoga East, and she credits Laura – along with Karen Price and our own Nerissa Sparkman – for guiding her as her yoga mentors. She’s currently reading a book on the yoga sutras and is planning new classes—another one for babies and one for women experiencing infertility. 

Evening is Erin’s favorite time of day, and when we asked her if she had a favorite comfort food, she had many responses. “I love to eat!” said Erin enthusiastically as listed off Indian dishes, burgers, French fries, and shrimp and grits. We don’t know if there’s a correlation between her favorite time of day and her love of food, but we’d love to be hanging out with Erin around dinner time. 

Just because you’re a new mom doesn’t mean you should stop caring for you. Come meet Erin for yourself and see how her class can nourish and revitalize both you and your baby.