Meet Your Teacher: Emily

Energy, determination, and compassion… these are things you’ll find when you join Emily Stalmack in one of her yoga classes. Now in her third year of teaching, her specialty is power vinyasa yoga with an added “flow on your own” component. 

Emily says she enjoys teaching challenging vinyasa classes, “those that push students to new edges, allowing them to truly get out of their heads and into their bodies.” She likes teaching classes that encourage students to explore new depths from a peak pose or inversion.

Exploring the relationship between what’s happening internally vs. what can be achieved physically has been an integral part of Emily’s experience. 

“I spent the majority of my life as a competitive diver.  I’m an anxious person and nerves often got in the way during competition. In swim club, I had a coach whose wife taught yoga and raved about its benefits for calming the mind and increasing flexibility and strength. In my senior year, I attended a yoga class before my NCAA qualifier meet and it made all the difference,” says Emily. “I knew when I completed my 4 years of collegiate eligibility, I would start yoga. I’ve never looked back.”

Emily’s journey has included the completion of two separate 200-hour yoga training courses. Her first was at Breathe for Change in Austin, Texas.  There, she learned basic community and school-based sequencing, social-emotional well-being lessons, and basic alignment and cueing. She completed her second training in Ann Arbor, Michigan with Risa Gotlib of Tiny Buddha Yoga. That experience focused on Ashtanga and vinyasa yoga with the “flow on your own component” she practices today.

Whether its diving, yoga, or rock climbing, Emily likes to be in motion. But that internal work is still a motivator for her. She credits one of her students for helping her view the moving meditation aspect of yoga as a “work in” rather than a “work out.” 

Emily’s favorite poses are pidgin pose and half-moon. Her go to comfort food is macaroni and cheese. And she’s a reader too; she’s just finished Girl Meets Change by Kristen Strong.

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Meet Your Teacher: Nerissa

Nerissa Sparkman, the owner of Sadhana Yoga, has been teaching yoga for five years and practicing it for 21. Her specialty is Skanda Yoga, which uses 20 different flows to mirror the 20 days of the Dreamspell calendar. The flows are divided into three levels, each flow corresponding with the energy of the day.

Nerissa found yoga as a young adult when she began studying Eastern religions and philosophies to help combat her insomnia. Her books mentioned yoga, and the more she read, the more interested she became. She had a natural route at the time that took her from Old Louisville to the Highlands and went past Yoga East. She said that one day, she “finally just stopped in and grabbed a schedule.” That led her to Laura Spaulding, the head of Yoga East, who became one of Nerissa’s first teachers and remains a mentor to her to this day.

 Nerissa did her teacher training in Miami, Florida with two other people she names as mentors, Sadhana and Anand. But she says it is her students who have probably taught her the most about herself. She also credits her students with holding her accountable. “I’ve seen my students grow and learn and blossom. Some show up day in and day out to practice again and again with me—on their bad days, and on their good ones. They have enriched my life more than I could ever really express. They are the reason I have a studio. They hold me accountable, and for that, I am forever in their service.”

What can you expect in one of Nerissa’s Skanda Yoga classes? Well, for one thing… “I tend to teach classes that incorporate a lot of arm balances and inversions. I love to teach them simply because so many teachers shy away from them. It’s nice to break them down for students that have never been able to really practice them before.” 

You can also expect strength, honesty, and support. Nerissa loves the journey of practicing and learning and growing. The poses she’s still trying to master – after practicing them for most of her life – have become her most favorite. And she loves seeing the positive effects that yoga has in the lives of her students, “I love seeing the difference a consistent practice can make in a student’s headspace and decision making. I love watching their confidence grow—in not only themselves, but in their belief of magic in the world.”

Come meet Nerissa Sparkman at Sadhana Yoga.