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Yoga with Kittens

We're not sure this needs an explanation, but we're sure you'll want to come and get in on some of this cuteness. In honor of Valentine's Day, we thought we would do something better than just give you a little stuffed animal. Instead we're hosting an event for the Kentucky Humane Society! For an hour and a half you'll be engaging in a gentle yoga class hosted by our new Yin and Restorative Teacher Amberly Fox, where you'll spend plenty of time on the floor, playing with these inquisitive little creatures and laughing at just how cute they can be. In fact, we're pretty sure you're going to fall in love. Each kitten that is brought will be available for adoption and although you won't be able to adopt them at the class, you'll be able to put them on hold and adopt them from KHS as soon as the next day. So come out at noon of Feb. 12, 2017 and have the sweetest and cutest yoga class of your life. Tickets are only $25 if you pre-register online and $30 at the door. 50% of all ticket sales go to KHS, so please come and support this amazing organization, and maybe, just maybe fall in love. Photo Credit Max Ryan Sharp