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HIPS & TWISTS: Opening into Lotus with Laura Spaulding

This2 hour workshop with Yoga East president Laura Spaulding is bound to delight any regular practitioner of yoga. With almost 50 years of experience Laura is a wealth of knowledge and a pleasure to study with for both the beginner and the most advanced student. Lotus is a key to any yoga practice, but can often be evasive for many. Focusing on a hips and twists flow to help you open up this workshop will begin to expand your knowledge of the importance of open hips and how to get there with a regular self practice. Time will be spent on a number of advanced poses, including arm balances, and will include a variety of pranayama breath work. Laura has not only been a huge influence in my own practice, but she is also one ofAnand KF von Roenn’s teacher, the creator of Skanda Yoga. If you’ve been interested in practicing with Laura but somehow still haven’t, then now is your chance, it is a great honor to host her here at SĀDHĀNA YOGA and we sincerely hope that you can make it!  $25, $30 at the door.